Transform your users' experience
The sharpest tool in the box!
  • Use sliders: unbiased ratings, clearer results
    ✓ Intuitive
    ✓ visual content
    ✓ Attractive
    Reliability of service
    Reliability of service
    Very bad!
    Not good
    Very good
  • The power of association - Drag and drop
    ✓ Easy to use
    ✓ Innovative
    ✓ Fully customisable
    Who painted what?
  • Ever wanted to ask two questions at once?
    ✓ Original
    ✓ 1 or 4 quadrants
    ✓ Variety of choices
    Drag the answers to the right position
  • Usage possibilities of our surveys and tests are endless
    ✓ Job application
    ✓ User feedback
    ✓ Educational tests
    Please upload your CV
    We would love to hear your opinion!
    Please choose the correct answers
  • Simply embed anything anywhere!
  • Create smart looking custom reports
    ✓ Select elements
    ✓ Add insights
    ✓ Choose time period
  • Roll out and publish
    ✓ Public or by invitation
    ✓ Spread through social media
    ✓ Embed anywhere
    Your survey
  • Interactive surveys with integrated maps
    ✓ Interactive
    ✓ User friendly
    ✓ Use any maps or satelite images
    Mark your location
The Recipe for your Survey
CreateCollectGet results
Full flexibility in creating your perfect Survey

Choose from our many original and easy-to-use question types, such as drag and drop, rating scale or position graph

Use images, videos and slides whereever you want. Upload your own or automatically include and manage all kinds of content from over 200 popular social media websites, such as YouTube, vimeo and Flickr
Collect responses from all over the world

Allow your respondents to use any device with a web-browser and an Internet connection

Publish your Surveys to the world or to selected groups

Embed your Survey on your company website

Publish through popular social media websites

Get the most out of your data in the shortest period of time

Beautiful real-time charts, professionally built statistics and new methods to analyse your collected data will give you very insightful and rich results

Or export your raw results to popular data analysis tools, such as SPSS
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